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Fascinating yet not quite well known to the majority of visitors, Tinos is an idyllic place that can satisfy your every desire. One may enjoy its unspoiled natural beauty and architecture, its picturesque villages, beautiful beaches and traditional culture, exceptionally fresh food and many more. Whitewashed houses, narrow alleys, marvelous dovecotes, old style windmills, lovely squares and beautiful churches create unique sceneries. Tinos’ small charms are waiting to be discovered.

Kardiani village is a picturesque village and certainly the greenest one in Tinos. It is situated at the mountainside “Pateles” and has a spectacular view over the sea and a breathtaking sunset. Built in the shade of tall plane and olive trees, the village has stone paved narrow alleys, whitewashed steps, wonderful arches and beautiful traditional two-storey houses surrounded by lush flower gardens.

Start your day at Kardiani with a delicious breakfast at Living Theros. Then rent a car or simply follow the trails from the bay of Giannaki beach and enjoy the journey.

  • At Ysternia, find the square with the beautiful views over the Aegean and stay for drinks and fine music.
  • At Pyrgos walk through the traditional marble village and visit its well-known museums, like the Giannoulis Chalepas’s house – museum, the cemetery with the marble masterpieces and the museum of Tinian Artists. Do not forget to have a cup of coffee and try out local sweets under the trees of the central square.
  • At Panormos, a picturesque harbor known for its seafood delicacies, follow the dirt road to the left before arriving at Panormos to find some of the most beautiful and windy beaches of the island.
  • Finish your day back at Kardiani enjoying its famous sunset.

Tip: The bays between Agios Romanos, Kardiani and Ysternia are famous for their natural beauty – do not hesitate to leave the car and walk a little downhill to discover your very own beach.

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