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Local Festivals

Let the music speak to your soul on the music soirees under the stars at the summer festivals, in the villages of the inner island. Enjoy the uplifting beats of the traditional songs and learn how to dance the traditional dances with the locals!

  • Sterna Fringe Festival. A festival of arts, free spirit & free of entrance fees in Ysternia Village of Tinos. It is a three-day festival with music, dance, theater, speeches, experiential seminars, yoga, children’s games, walks, exhibitions and many other creative activities!
  • Tinos Festival. Its program features a variety of activities throughout the island of Tinos. Theatrical shows for adults & children, music events & concerts, dancing shows, interactive events, cultural exhibitions & tributes, workshops & local festivities are scheduled each year in order to make each year’s festival memorable.
  • Tinos World Music Festival. The Festival aims to include the island of Tinos in a broader intercultural network and to become the meeting point for significant musicians from the Balkans and the East Mediterranean. It has hosted over 100 internationally acclaimed musicians from Greece and abroad, and boosted the emergence of great musician’s collaborations that continue their course in the international world music scene.
  • Jazz on Tinos – The festival is a free entrance event aiming to contribute to culture and society and to introduce contemporary music and artistic movements to the island. Part of its success is due to the fact that it gave the initially limited – yet growing – audience a harbor to enjoy jazz at its best. The festival also gives Greek and international musicians an opportunity to meet and work together.
  • Mediterranean Ceramics Festival. The festival features speeches, photo exhibitions, children’s educational programs, ceramic objects, museum tours, etc.
  • Tinos Food Paths. A walk through the gastronomical paths of Tinos! The festival’s activities include events such as conferences and tastings, guided tours in the countryside, gastronomic experiences, etc.
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