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We have good news to share “Earth & Sky”


The beloved village of Kardiani “hanging” on the hill of Tinos, lovingly embraced “Living Theros” five years ago.  Our “Theros” is now proudly announcing that it is growing!

Sky and Earth.. our hotel, harmoniously aligned with the local architecture of its island, brings together the two elements of nature in this growth trip.

The Sky, accentuated in our initial rooms, is represented with the blue color and its white reflection from the sun on the sea – which our guests embraced – with the presence of Tinos’ pigeon house architecture in different corners, along with the local white plaster technique on the walls, the marble sinks and lintels, in combination with the traditional mosaic– details which characterize our original “Theros” – our summer.

The Earth, represented in our added rooms, complements our “Theros” in a warm and earthy way.  Architectural tricks function to add light and air while the sandy and gray colors of the rocks protruding in the rooms, embrace our guests in nature.  We welcome our new wing with enthusiasm and with the confidence that the heart of “Theros” will continue to beat strongly in Kardiani!


Our new wing consists of spacious rooms/suites, which can accommodate a family or group of friends.

For more details, feel free to explore our updated website:

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